Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Anna's first experience with Drunks

I surprised Anna with a trip to Chicago to see Mary Poppins. We then both were surprised with our train adventure.
We caught the 4 o'clock Metra train.

We like to sit on the upper level in the back.
Next stop two young bucks and a chick (how come we don't call em a doe?) get on with a case of beer and a 10 lb bag of ice.
Before they even came up to sit down I heard one of them cussing like mad.
Their 2 other friends were on the wrong side of the tracks and the train left them. haha
Next stop 4 young gals with their vodka in water bottles, beer and something else that looked like apple juice but sure didn't smell like it.
Barrington 4 more glamor gals got on and all sat up top near us.
All wearing Cub shirts/hats.
2 young bucks start sharing beers cuz "We need to make friends." plus the fact that the other 2 weren't there to help them down the booze before the game.
They kept pushing their beer and people were politely turning them down, but they were relentless.
Finally a guy took one and I noticed when we got off that it sat on the floor unopened.
He just took it to shut the guys up.
Apparently you can't take it in the ballpark but you can get plastered before.

Potty mouth young buck - " Sorry if you heard me cussing earlier"
"Hey mom, where you going?"
Me -"Mary Poppins"
PMYB -"Cool, I love theater, Did you see ?" More conversation.
Then the next thing I know this guy is squeezing his entire body up on the 12 inch high shelf that is used for storing brief cases, newspapers, etc. and then coming over on our side of the train.
It was like watching Mission Impossible guy slithering in the vents.
PMYB - to Anna "Hey sweetie wach ya reading?" She answered and then he proceded to tell us all about his great wrestling coaching style.
I then realized he was sharing this with me cuz cute cub girls were on our side of the train.
They weren't impressed.
They all started mouthing off back and forth and he finally went back to his side.
Loud and obnoxious doesn't even describe this scenario and it wasn't even 5 o'clock on a Tuesday.
Remind me next time to never ride the 4 o'clock train when there is a home Cubs game.

So yeah Happy Birthday Anna - Your first experience with drunks, glad I was with you.

So happy when we got to Chicago and walked around first before the play.
Anna saw Potbelly's and decided to eat there without checking anything else out.
Giadorno's was under construction - bummer - but I love Potbelly Sandwiches too.
Then we had to check out the Jean DuBuffet sculpture

Then my camera died.
The rest of the evening was lovely. Disney does an excellent job with their sets,costumes, songs,dancing etc.
I loved Bert the chimney sweeper walking on the ceiling. Amazing.
Dancing naked statues was a bit weird for me, but hey this was for Anna and she didn't seem to mind. Should I be worried?
Luckily the cubs lost and the train ride home was very quiet.
I think the drunks were in the bars consoling one another cuz they sure weren't on the 10:30 train. YAY!!
We got home a little after midnight, She reminded me it was her official birthday.

12:34.56 on 7-8-09 I think the number sequence is so cool (She wasn't really born at that exact time) But what a day to remember.


  1. What an education for Anna! I really want to see Mary Poppins one day!

  2. Sounds like you have your own scary creatures to deal least I can crush mine (the mama scorpions :)

  3. Wow, how fun! Always better to experience your first drunks with one of your parents rather than in college on your own, I bet it sparked some conversation for you two! Sounds like a wonderful time at the play. I just went to go see Wicked again with my mom and sister-in-law here in Tempe, it made me miss Chicago and your wonderful family! It was always so fun to ride the train there and back.