Thursday, July 23, 2009

Legoland Discovery Center in Chicago

Ok it's really in Schaumburg not Chicago but it's just like us telling everyone outside of Illinois that we live in Chicago when we really live 50 miles northwest. But whoever heard of Lake in the Hills?
Now Chicago, well everyone knows Chicago.
I took Anna and her friend Emmie to Legoland.
All of these creations are totally made out of legos and glue.
That girl of mine used her birthday money and allowance to go there. Well I paid for the admission she really wanted to go the store I discovered later.
I looked online first off and am glad I did cuz admission was $18.50 for adults and a bit less for kids. WHAT? I then read some reviews and basically everyone that posted comments said the same thing. OVERPRICED for what you got, but if you printed the coupon for $8.50 and went after 4, well then it was worth it.

We took the tour, got a really cool Chicago stamped lego, shopped at the store and walked across the way for Jamba juice all in 65 minutes. I was planning on being there for a couple of hours but these girls couldn't wait to get home and put together the house kit.
I personally loved the city of Chicago they built. I was so fascinated with it that I forgot to take pictures.

I wish Lego would come out with a book on how to make all the cool things they make so that we wouldn't have to buy anymore kits. We have hundreds, maybe even thousands of legos from over the years. Ahh I guess half the fun is creating your masterpiece and that's basically what Anna and her friends have been doing this summer in between swimming.

Future Einsteins right?
I recommend that everyone go there at least once

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