Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ask and you shall receive - wait I didn't ask?

Lookeeee here, I done got me a new purse.

Yess sirree folks tis true and it's an authentic Coach one too, not one of those knockoffs from Nairobi .

I have good friends is all I'm goin to say.
Who says Bloggin doesn't pay?

Now just where am I goin to go with my new fangled purse?

Backoff Lolly girl!! Its mine!!!

Ok I'll share...... ;-)


  1. Nice work, girl! Coach looks good on you!

  2. OOooo!! Did the girl from your airplane ride blogger-stalk you? Or do you just have "richy" friends who love, and not use, you? hahahaha. Ok, that was mean. Congratulations on the fantastic accesory!

  3. cute purse! Hope you find some fun play to go with it!
    Love Kim

  4. Love that it isn't a knock-off! I have strong opinions about knock-offs (but I won't go into that here).

    Love Coach--great quality!


  5. LMBO

    looks great :)