Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 and Coach

I've seen lots of newspaper articles, facebook posts and blogs about where/what everyone was doing when 9/11 hit.

I remembered this story that happened 6 months later.

David and I were on a plane from Phoenix to San Diego for a weekend getaway which was cancelled back in Sept. due to 9/11 .
I sat next to a gal who worked in New York and was on her way to visit her parents.

Me - "Where do you work?"
Sweet young cute sophisticated girl - "In the Corporate headquarters for Coach"

Me - I have nooooooo clue what Coach is other than Coachmen trailers made up near my hometown of Vacaville,CA. (not sure if they still make them there anymore?)

I could tell by the way she was dressed that she didn't work for no trailer company in New York City.

I also could tell by the way she looked at me that I should know what "Coach" was. So feeling stupid, what the heck, I still had to ask "uhhhh what is Coach"?
She informed me that they make designer purses.
hmmmm, coach purses, still not ringing any bells in this K-Mart kid.

She was still sweet enough to talk to me even though I obviously didn't even know the names of designer clothes, jewelry or purses, let alone own any.

Me - "You work in New York City? Where were you on 9/11?"

Coach Cutie - "Our building was right next to the trade centers, huge explosion, pandimonium. Luckily we were all safe. I tried calling my parents but couldn't get through, until about an hour and half later. My parents live in San Diego. Mom answered the phone. I said, "Hi Mom, I'm fine." My mom answered back, ( Now you must use your grandma voice when reading the next line)
"That's nice dear, I'm fine too."

Her mom had no clue what had happened since the three hour time difference and she just woke up.

I thanked her for sharing her "That's nice dear, I'm fine too" story along with schooling me on "Coach" purses. We had a nice laugh over her story and the fact that she never met anyone who had never heard of Coach before. She didn't actually say that to me but I could just tell she was thinking that.
Yeah like I'm ever going to fork over three hundred bucks for a bag.


  1. If I could find a Coach bag that only cost $300 I buy it in a second. We're talking more like $800 for something decent. Sad, but true. I do have a friend that has a little shopping problem, and her main vice is purses. She buys 10's of thousands of dollars of purses, and hides them away in her house. One room alone she had estimated at having $20,000 in purses. She gets tired of seeing them in there, so she sells them off cheap to her friends. This works well for her friends. I scored a $500 Dooney and Bourke (think Coach standards) for $50. It still had the tags on it and everything. I feel a little superior carrying it around, so I finally gave it up and bought a $20 one from Marshalls.

  2. I'm with keli - i wish i could find a Coach for $300. The one bag i was eyeing for YEARS they stopped making... it was retailing for $550. Sigh. Not everyone can be rich and famous.

  3. I do know what a Couch purse is but it is also wayyy out of my class. That was a great story.