Monday, September 7, 2009

Can I just Vent!!!

It started yesterday. Minding my own business, listening to the RS lesson in church when the Bishopric counselor opens the back door and calls me out in the hall.

"You haven't spoken in church in over a year and a half"

Me, - "un huh, I just spoke in May when the Bishop called me and the other seminary teachers out of the audience when our 5 youth speakers were done in 5 min. and then I spoke back in Jan. with Emily."

He totally forgot. Yeah that's how good my talks are.

So he persuades me to talk this Sunday in Sacrament meeting. No big deal right?

I just spent a week teaching early morning seminary and am teaching again this week as well. Don't get me wrong - I love teaching seminary. I love my class. I love the regimen of delving into the scriptures each day. It's just the timing. It can be stressful getting up at 5 and teaching at 6 for this nocturnal gal.

Labor DAy - Today I spent the day doing laundry, cleaned the laundry room , trying to clean and organize my desk/office (it's a mess). Plus copying, laminating, cutting out scripture mastery cards - 100 of them. (of which I'm not done)
I also took Anna and her friend to the pool and was there for about 3 hours. 2 hours longer than I wanted to be.

Arrived home and my sweet husband is peeling pears on the back porch. He had a bucket of them from a nice man in our ward. David wanted to can them. He doesn't know how to can.

Me- "We don't have a canner."
David - "We don't have a canner?"
Me - "I always borrowed Anita's"
David "Let's call around and borrow one then"
Me - "Good luck, no one cans around here"
David "I bet they do"
Me - "You call then"
So he did. He found a pressure cooker

Me - "I don't know how to can in a pressure cooker. They scare me. Just go to Walmart and buy one"
So he did. He came home with a ............... You guessed it........... A pressure cooker.

David "But you can do both, wet bath and pressure cook, we can cook lots of beans now"
(Since when do I cook beans that's not out of a can?)

Where am I going to put this beast? My storage room is unbelievably full and I just organized it a month ago. Somehow the stuff grew and grew. I hate walking in there now.

Dinner was late because anyone who cans knows it is time consuming
- peel the pears,
find the jars & lids in the unbelievably full storage room
wash the jars & lids,
fill the jars,
boil the sugar water,
cook the jars and hopefully the lids will seal. (I'm writing this while they are cooking)

While all this washing,filling boiling was taking place one child complained how she couldn't find something and another needed something this evening. Too bad, now I feel like a cruddy mom.

Yep 9 o'clock and I just wanted to scream, oh but now we must read scriptures, say family prayer.

Did I also mention that I'm behind on my book club book?
That's what I was planning on doing this evening after family home evening but that didn't even happen cuz David being the good Dad took Molly on a five mile run. Getting her ready for her race tomorrow.

I can't be mad at David, how many men peal pears?

Can't be mad at the Bishopric counselor - just doing his job.

Can't be mad at the kids - we all forget or can't find things once in a while.

Now that I've pounded this out on the keyboard, I do feel better.

Thanks for letting me vent. What a dumb thing to be upset about.

Those 4 quarts of pears better be good!!! I know you're laughing..... 4 quarts? yep that's all we got.


  1. Trust me Tami, they'll taste even better since you did them yourself (although I admit I've never canned, but I did spend an entire day picking strawberries and making freezer jam this summer - - I felt so darn domestic I could have been translated!)

  2. I did Pears one year. I think I still have most of them in my basement. I'm not a consumer of fruit.

    If you need canning supplies, let me know. My hubby owned a canning supply company before he got bought out and moved us here. He still has some inventory kicking around. You know, food mills, lifters, things of that nature. Nothing I ever use or even own, for that matter.

    Way to vent. If I had to get up to do anything besides pee at 5 am, I'd be an ornery bugger!

  3. Thanks for commenting! Isn't it so fun to catch up with people again?! My family is doing great. Grandma just turned 80 and acts like she's 60! Garrett just returned home from his mission in NYC and Spencer leaves for Mexico in November. Taylor is a senior this year, and my parents are just hanging out and living life. Everything is great!
    I must say that little Ellie is absolutely adorable! And good luck with the pears. :)

  4. Yes, I'm the overly ambitious husband who stresses his wife out. Good thing I have a no-trade clause in our marriage contract!

  5. I just love your new background, how cute!!!!

  6. LOVED your talk yesterday. LOVE LOV LOVED IT!


    and good to know even those I admire and think are perfect, vent once in a while :)