Friday, October 9, 2009

19 Years ago

Jonathan was in Sandy Shepard's kindergarten class at Dr. Daniel Bright elementary school in Cottonwood, AZ. Who would have known then that he would be a 1st year law student at Harvard 19 years later married to the blessed Kate with the cutest little kid around?

Lately a few of my friends have asked, "Can you believe you have a kid at Harvard?"

Quite frankly -no, but I'm living the dream.

How did this happen? I'm no Einstein, nor is David - he's close though.

My education consisted of basic survival - 12 different schools in 13 years - attending 5 high schools in 3 different states.
When I finally got to college I had no idea how to do a term paper, somehow I missed that and managed to skim by.

Now I will admit Jonathan came smart. That boy learned all his animal sounds when he was around one. Yes indeedee, he could moo and bark upon command. I knew then he was destined for success.

He went to public schools, we never paid for private school or tutors- nope just straight public, wearing t-shirts and board shorts, none of that blue blazer, preppy look.

He played frisbee (which he still does) At the time I was a bit sad when he didn't go out for the academic decathlon and wanted to play frisbee instead with his friends.

My philosophy in raising kids was to make sure they were well rounded which included friends and down time.

We are by no means country clubbers, I've never played golf in my life, unless that putt putt around a castle counts.

So how did he get into Harvard?

This boy of ours is amazing. Not only was he born brilliant but he works darn hard and he's not afraid to try new things or help others. He even puts up with me, his boring mom who has no clue what he's talking about half the time especially when it involves science. He's patient though.

One of Jonathan's qualities that I've always loved is his golden heart and humility. He's just always been kind, well except for those few bite marks he left on Em when she was a babe.

For the most part he's just a sweet, smart boy, well I guess he's a MAN now that he's 25 today but he'll always be a sweet boy to me.

Yeah he turned out quite well rounded and I think that's what Harvard was looking for and to think it all started with "Mr. J has a friend" or maybe it was he knew how to moo before two. heeheeheee

Happy Birthday Son!!!


  1. I so remember Jonathan as a little boy! Happy Birthday to him.

  2. He is a wonderful son and he has a great mom....good job Tami!!!

  3. great idea for you to blog these scrapbooks too !!!!

    love this post