Friday, October 9, 2009

I <3 facebook

(Ok I really tried to put this picture at the end of the blog, I've done it before but I can't seem to make it work it now without deleting everything I wrote, sometime I just get so dang mad at these new fangled computer thingeys. I've given up after 20 some odd tries. I can't even get it to load on my facebook. I'm not happy :-(

Anyway - this is Bill Pulsipher back in college at BYU - he liked photograhpy way back when

I love facebook even though I was hesitant at first since my kids have been using it for years. Just sounded like a younger generation thing and I didn't want them thinking I was stalking or being a creeper but when my freinds from AZ were on, I thought what the heck.

I personally don't care for "what style of shoe are you? or what Office character or I've lost a black sheep - be my friend on a farm stuff" So thank you Jonathan for enlightening me with the great "Hide" button. I can zip through FB so much faster now. Like my friend Bernie said, "I just like looking at pictures of everyone".

I have enjoyed reuniting with friends from long ago. I have spent way too many hours these past few weeks yakking on the phone with friends from over 30 years ago. What a blast from the past when my friend Karen and I reminisced looking thru the yearbook. I honestly couldn't remember some Vacaville bulldogs who wrote in my yearbook. By their comments you would have thought we were best friends. HAH How sad is that? I know I was only there for a year and a half, but still.

I love FB, looking at my friends families pictures. I also like looking at my kids friends posts, they are my adopted kids anyway. Everyone is just growing up and that's what it's all about.

On a sadder note I discovered that a roommate from my sophomore year of college passed away. I contacted the other roommates and none of us knew or had stayed in contact with Laurie Pulsipher.

Her brother Bill informed me when we became friends on facebook a couple of months ago.

"I'm great. Bonnie's great. The kids are plugging along. Generally having a great time as always-life is what it is, I might as well enjoy it. Laurie passed away in 1997 from cancer. She has a son in the Coast Guard and a daughter in the Seattle area."
August 6 at 10:25am

"She was very young and it was a sad time for all of us. These experiences make a deep print on our lives as we go through them. Laurie was great through the whole illness, it seemed to bring out the best in her. I miss her a lot, but I am confident that she is ok and we will all get reacquainted later on.
I have enjoyed meeting old friends on ... facebook-have reconnected with most of the old gang and that is a very good thing. Everyone is doing such different and interesting things with their lives. Did you check my 25 thngs note? That will give a brief update on where I'm at lately. Bonnie lived somewhere close the CasaDea(the apartments I lived in) I think although you're right it is a little hazy. Today is our 28th Anniv."
August 7 at 1:04pm

Then last Friday Bill passed away from a heart attack. 51 is just too young in my book. Kind of in shock that we just reconnected and now he's gone. I had told him I was going to look through my old photos and see if I could find any of his sister and now he's gone too. My heart goes out to his family.

Even though such sad news I still love facebook.

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  1. Oh, that's heartbreaking! At least you had that little bit of time to reconnect and find out about your roomie. But FB is great for that!