Saturday, October 3, 2009

Some fun things we did this past summer.

Dupage Children's Museum - We had some time to kill after dropping my mom off at the train station in Naperville. Anna usually gets a free pass to this museum but we had never gone before and alas when we did go we had no coupon. I don't think it was worth the money we paid but everyone with young kids out here should go at least once.

My personal favorite was this bubble making car wash. I like bubbles.
Strolling thru Kettle Morraine state park

Randall Oaks Park and Barnyard ZooOk this snapshot doesn't show you the enormity of this pig. She was the biggest pork I've ever seen.
Strawberry pickin in Woodstock

............................................................Anna and friend Lexi.
Museum of Science and Industry - Harry Potter The Exhibition

Weasley's car is the only thing you can take pictures of which is in the main lobby. Bummer no photography in the exhibit. Ok so I've been a couple of times with different members of the family. My favorite is still pulling up those mandrakes (screaming root babies. hahahh)
Some of my kids have been sorted - Jonathan is Raven claw - Anna and Ellie are Griffendor and I can't remember the rest. The exhibit is off to Boston in Oct. They are following my kids.
My girls love to have fun, well some of them do.
I don't think Ellie was too impressed with it but everyone else loved it.
My Family Hiked the Grand Canyon - Rim to Rim . Had a Great time
See David's earlier post
I don't know how Jonathan got up there, nor do I want to know. Sure makes for a cool shot.
Williamsburg, Va and Jamestown is where Anna and I ventured - see earlier post.
Yay - Josh and Emerald stopped by on their way to Boston U. So we had to take them downtown to Millenial Park and the Shedd aquarium.
Not only are Josh and Emerald in this pic but so is David,Tami,Molly and Anna. Can you find us?
(click on pic to enlarge)
Josh being an engineer major was impressed that you can't see any seems on "The Bean"

Kayaking in Lake in the Hills -

Paddle boating since they only have 2 kayaks to rent out.
Jet skiing on Crystal Lake. I have the nicest seminary student who invited us for a wet ride.

Jet ski's are my favorite toys. Too bad I don't own one. I miss the Lake Powell Days. There is just something about going super duper fast in the water. I LOVE IT!!!

He belongs on a magazine cover for Yamaha. Love his smile that boy of mine.

Have I mentioned "Never a dull moment when Em is around"
We love it when friends and fam come to visit. Scott dropped by for some Chicago style pizza.
Oh how I miss my grandbaby....

We had a busy summer with girls camp,youth conference,high adventure for girls and trips to Chicago. We love living here and we love company so plan a visit.