Friday, October 2, 2009

You're not going to believe this!

Don't read if you can't handle gross and disgusting.

ok here goes.

Driving down Rakow road in Crystal Lake just past the lake, I was stuck at a light.

To my right there's a bunch of bushes and trees, all of a sudden, hundreds and I mean hundreds of birds flew out and up. As I was sitting there stuck in traffic I was mesmerized by how magnificent so many birds can fly together without crashing into each other.

Then all of sudden these hundreds of birds made a sudden turn and swooped down and back towards the trees.

As they swooped, they pooped -- BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM

Yep all over my car

. Okay so here's the gross and disgusting part --- It was not white (that would have been yukky too) but a very pretty blue and some were even lime green, like paint balls with a touch of purple streaks.


I could not see out my window. If Anna was not with me I know none of you would believe me, but I have a witness.

I had to turn the windshield wipers to even see. The car behind us got splattered even worse or maybe because it was white and showed up more.
They later pulled up beside us when we got to Randall Rd. and we just started laughing at what just occurred.

Never seen anything like this before. Not sure what happened.
My guess is something scared those darn birds as they flew from the trees and literally just scared the crap out of them all at once.

Good thing I wasn't in a convertible.

But blue and green poop with a touch of purple. oooh yuk.


  1. I hate birds! They scare me to death!!! That sounded a little "Alfred Hitchcock-ish" to me!

  2. That is really gross!!!

    Glad you were safe :)