Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Anna's top ten favorites

She brought home a sort of get to know you paper from school and I found this.


10. Reading fictional books

9. Playing the piano

8. Kidding around with my cat (he listens to her jokes)

7. Having my siblings visit home cause they're at college. (she misses them so much)

6. Sleeping in (I'm with you on this one)

5. Pulling pranks on my sisters friends. (hmmmm)

4. Writing a fictional story

3. Playing DSI

2. Going on trips to wherever (after her mothers heart)

and the number one answer of Anna's all time favorte things is. drum rolllll

1. Sneaking on my mom's blog to see what she wrote about me and other things. (yeah baby)
Her last xcountry race and she was so proud of the mud all on the back of her. She asked me everyday did you blog about my race, did you blog about my race? Slothful mother that I am I did not so when I saw this school paper I knew I had to get my bootie in gear and get posting.


  1. Hi Tami,
    What a great blog you have. I could learn a lot from you! It has been nice to reconnect. Glad you visited my blog. I love your book montage. How did you do that? I listen to books constantly and would like to have a place on my blog where I comment on them.

  2. hahaha very funny you just did that because i like reading your blog. from anna