Friday, October 23, 2009

Cougar Mama?

My friend Ellen invites me to meet her and some friends in Chicago for dinner and free tickets to see Jersey Boys. Oh yeah I'm there baby. I love plays. Thanks Ellen

Ellen -"Let me warn you I heard there's a little bit of cussing."
I was not prepared to hear the F word over and over again. I sure loved the songs, the acting, and the plot, but man - I don't understand why so much dang cussing. (I'm so glad I didn't go with my MIL & Family)

Lori, Ellen and Me.
Earlier I rode the train downtown by myself and walked down Wells Street to meet up with this fun group at the famous Ed Debevics. I took my sweet time and took some pictures since I had never walked down Wells street before.

Crossing the bridge over the Chicago River.
World famous Gino's East (not my favorite - they don't put enough cheese to my liking) But you gotta admit this is one unique building.

I walked in and saw Lori H. waiting for me I was then announced over the microphone "Tami has arrived". Talk about embarrassing. I wasn't warned that this joint loves to make fun of their customers and it's all good. The place was packed and everyone is just so happy to see what the next insult or joke will be from the wait staff.

Kevlar (if that's his real name) our waiter " Ok I'll bring you a pitcher of toilet water, have had it - cheap people"
to Ellen's son Jeff, "Get a haircut" and I won't even say what he said when he brought Jeff his meal.
OK is that the biggest hot dog you've ever seen in your life? It is for me. Holy cow.

Fun quirkly thing this restraunt does is everything stops and the waiters and waitresses jump up on the counters and tables and dance
notice the hats they give everyone to wear
After the song, Kevlar jumps down, shakes his chest in my face and says, "I saw you taking my picture Cougar Mama, I know you want some of this." Ok not only was I embarrased I was insulted. Yeah that's what they're good at.

I might be a BYU Cougar from way back when but I'm no cougar mama. Old lady seducing younger men. oooohhh that just made me mad.

Later I asked him what the name of the group was that we were listening to. He went up to the DJ's mike and announced to everyone there. "To my cougar table.............." I didn't even hear what the name of the group was cuz I was screaming and everyone else was laughing. hhahha

Ellen thought he was giving us a compliment by calling us that. unhunh, they don't hand out compliments there. She took it that way and that's why she's so positive and upbeat about life and that's why we love her.
Jamie - she served her mission here a couple of years ago and came back to visit Ellen. Too bad the pic is blurry. She goes to school at Utah State and knows Caitlin Porter - my friends daughter from AZ. small world.
We then got a free ride in a taxi all the way back home. whoohooo it pays to know people. Thanks Lori (We didn't want to wait two hours for the train.)

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