Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another reason to Love Costco

First off I did take pics but they turned out blurry since I was in a rush.

Not only is Costco the closest store to my home but it's just my favorite. I've been known to run in for milk.-- I know can you believe it? Who goes to costco without paying over a hundred bucks. Me (on occassion)

So here's my other reason why I love Costco.

My friends and I were going to another friends grandma's funeral in Chicago on a Monday morning.
We wanted to help and were asked to pick up sandwiches and cookies for the family to have in between viewing and funeral.

Since we don't shop on Sunday, early Monday morning is the next best thing. ONly problem is Costco doesn't open till 10 and we need to be in Chicago at 10:30 and it's an hour drive from here.

Luckily Angela from church works at Costco and she was able to ask the head honcho's to let us in early. Can you believe it - they did!!!

What an adventure- back door - safe route through the store - fork lifts zooming by and I mean zooming- that place is a bee hive of activity. Eric took time out to guide us safely around the store when we know he had a ton of other important work to do.

Bought the goods and made it to the funeral home on time. Thank you Costco.
See another reason I love this store


  1. That's so awesome of them! What a great store. I always find warehouses so interesting, just because of the fact that all those fork lifts and people can coexist without any casualties!

  2. I gotta hook up with Angela then LOL