Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Refrigerator 101

After a couple of years our Samsung Refrigerator died, just died.
Now the jazzy computer gizmo on the front stated the freezer was -2 and the fridge part was 36 degrees.
So if the freezer was -2 then why was the ice-cream, drippy, milky and my orange juice was luke warm?

Called the local appliance repair shop and no one can fix a Samsung. Great.

Called Best Buy where I bought the dang thing and no one answered.
Twice I called and twice no one answered. Great.

Finally called the 800 Samsung number and was told that a service guy would call in 3 to 5 business days.

" WHAT??? I know you're only the messenger guy but are you kidding me? My food is sitting on the back porch and good thing it's cold here in the Chicago Burbs and no wild animals have ventured up the porch. I think you should really tell the higher ups that this is unacceptable.
I'm getting cold opening the back door over and over again stepping out in the snow to retrieve food."

It's amazing how many times we open the fridge day in and day out and
when it's inconvenient, not so many.

"You don't really need ketchup on those fries, you don't really need salsa with those chips, forget the jam, just have the peanut butter sandwich plain." You get my drift.

I have rethought many a meal now that I don't want to open the back door to get the cold food.

Luckily nice repairman called back that evening and showed up the next day - today.

Repairman -"Everything looks good, compressor, coils and some other mumble jumble mechanical stuff.
Just need to unplug and replug it. Sometimes the computer gets a little glitch and needs to reboot, that will be $126 for the service call"

Yep $126 for the repairman to unplug - oh wait I already did that. so it was $126 bucks for him to plug it back in and give me the fridge 101 lesson that I still don't even get, but I sure get unplug - wait a few minutes -then plug back in.

How come I didn't know this before? Thanks messenger boy for nothing.

Who'da thunk? Yep, our fridge needed rebooting. Simple little process, big price.

Tomorrow I get to bring the food back in. Yay


  1. LOL!

    Shoulda called me, I tell people to reboot for much cheaper.

  2. Agh that's so annoying! I hate when they CHARGE you for that! They should have told you to try that over the phone.

    People. Sheesh.

  3. Rotten but very good information for the rest of us! Thanks for sharing. And, Merry Christmas to you and your darling family!

  4. But what a great story and think of all the Samsung owners you have helped to save $126! What a service at so great a price!

  5. WOW, that is just wrong ... tis why I post DIY stuff..
    just wait till our cars start haveing that type of issue I can just see it now .. that will be 349.99 for service today on your Toyota Mr. so and so.. what did you do?

    Oh we just had to disconnect the battery for 10 min to reboot the computer. LOL..