Sunday, January 3, 2010


Teri's really not a baby anymore, more like forty-four.

I still refer to her as my baby sister, even though she's a mom and a great one at that.

She is one of the most quick witted people I know, for instance, back when I was a senior in college and Teri was 15 she came to live with me at BYU. The first week she was there we walked up to the campus library. A carload of kids drove by and launched water balloons at us and hit Teri, her first remark while dripping wet was "I got bombed at BYU!!" which made us laugh. I was of course so mad at those jerks. She didn't need that nor deserve it. "Welcome to BYU home of the #1 stone cold sober school in America" I loved how she turned a rotten prank into something we could laugh at.

She was quite the party girl at BYU. She loved to throw "Pudding Parties" where everyone dressed liked nerds and we ate pudding with strange utensils. silly but memorable.

(She's the one laying in the middle of the crazy college kids)

She has always had quite the imagination. My siblings and I love telling the story of when she was little and was supposed to be cleaning the bathroom. There she was with the sink full of water and a family of toothbrushes were going for a swim. Just talking away with the toothpaste the whole time.

She's also good at teasing in a loving way. Several years ago my nephew John had his eyebrow pierced and was driving from AZ to CA to visit Teri and her family when he was in a fender bender that delayed him.
Once he arrived Teri called his mom and informed her that John was fine, except that " he had some metal imbedded in his head."

She has a good heart, and loves her family. Hope you had a great birthday Nufi - You deserve it!! Love You!!

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  1. What a sweet post! And I love the pics--how well I know that era.

    Happy New Year, Tami.