Saturday, January 30, 2010

Real Feel

Ok so I have this "Real Feel" do hickey on my blog about the weather and I don't get when it states 23 degrees but feels like 28.
Ok I get it when it states something like 20 but with the wind factor feels like 5.

That makes sense to me cuz that wind is a bite, but if it feels like 28 then why isn't it 28 degrees instead of 23?
Anna just went outside and she insists it's 40 degrees, no coat, no nothing. uh it really is 23 but hey with that sun shining we'll tack on a few more cuz we really can't tell the difference now.


  1. Yeh, that wind chill factor can really go through you. But isn't it kind of like our heat, when it gets to a certain point, it donesn't really matter, it is just too cold! Or in our case, anything over 110 degrees is just too hot!