Friday, March 5, 2010

17 Things to Love About Molly

1. She is a great pie maker thanks to the teachings of her Grandma Sandy. (You know I'm not a cook)

2. She is one of the most patient people I know. She spent 2 hours making and frosting cookies while I would have had it slopped on in 15 min.

3. She is an extremely positive person and lets me know when I'm off track.

4. Loves animals, they warm her heart. She wishes she could live on a farm, but alas she was born in the burbs.

5. She loves musicals and plays about as much I do. Last year she asked to go downtown to see David Schwimmer in "Our Town". Up close and personal for her birthday.

6. She is a serious student. She does it all on her own. Never have to get after her to get projects done. Studies a ton, even on weekends. amazing.

7. She's such a brilliant kid who picks up languages easily. This is her 2nd yr. of Chinese and she can read,write, and speak that tough language. I'm sure it's just the basics - but hey what do I know?

8. I love playing boggle with her because of the funny words she creates. Maybe has something to do with that easy to learn language thing. She makes us all laugh at her creative new words.

9 She makes us laugh with her dancing in the kitchen and karate kung fu chops. I especially love her profound statements like, "I've been saving this family money since I was born..... I deserve a car." What's not to laugh about that?

10. She's a good runner. You know I admire runners, something I don't do but gotta love those fliers.

11. She's mostly on time. Her dad will probably disagree but I think she does great for being a teenager.

12.She has a great spiritual foundation and testimony of our Savior. "She gets it."
She just earned her Young Womens medallion at church. It has taken her five years but she finished all those ongoing projects and learned a ton in the process.

13. She is so good to her family. She loves them all.

14. She doesn't stress out!

15. She's easy to talk to and a great listener.

16. She's affectionate even towards her parents. Shocking - I know.

17. She Loves ME. Here she is a teenager and she still loves having her mama around.
She makes me happy.

HApPy bIRThDAy LoLLy!!!


  1. Oh, what a great gal! I remember when she was in my primary class and I got a real kick out of her little personality!

  2. she sounds WONERFUL!! Wish I knew your kids AND YOU better!! Any chance you will ever be moving back to Mesa?

  3. awwww, that brought a tear to my eye! she is sooo fun and cute. Happy Bday Molls

    LOVE that family pic on the stairs and I love that last one with the two of you even more :)

  4. What a sweet post! Molly is a doll. And what a fun Mom you are. Glad you are enjoying life.