Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bubbles,Babies,Boys and Barking Crabs in Boston

On one of those rainy days on the east coast we headed over to the Boston Childrens Museum
Since I have a Chicago Science museum membership, we all got in for five bucks. whoohoooo what a deal.
Don't know who had more fun, my boys, my grandbaby or blissfully happy Molly?

I love how my boys love to play.

Ellieford loves the water and knew exactly what to do with bubbles, unfortunately they weren't the "no tears" kind. She was an amazing trooper who kept on going with swollen eyes and a smile.

There were other fun things for kids to do like climb up in a net so Miss Molly went for it.

Then the fam started dancing on TV with Arthur. This is what I saw anyway.

This green background is what they saw

Asked where to go close for dinner and The Barking Crab was within walking distance right up the river.
Now I'm not a seafood eater except for fried shrimp and tuna, but wanted to experience Boston cuisine.
J & M decided to try lobster and crab legs and went for it. David had to show them how to eat this crustacean.

I have to admire Miss Molly - she's adventurous and finally got the hang of cracking those legs. Her first comment was "I have to work for my food!!"

I really don't know what the big deal is with lobster and crab legs, nothing special in my book (I know, Keli, don't yell at me you crazy crab leg girl who jets to Vegas just for this morsel)

The clam chowder was excellent but the Itallian soda's not so good. At least we got to keep the glasses. (like we've ever used them since)
I imagine this place on the river front is hoppin when the weather is nice. Still never heard a barking crab.

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  1. Please tell Molly that she is just so darn cute! Wow is she photogenic. Great pics, great post. But you must not have dipped your crab/lobster into enough butter. That is what makes it to die for!!