Thursday, May 6, 2010

24 Things to Love about Emily Allred

My oldest daughter is 24 today and far, far away.
I had to post a few items about her since I love and miss her so much.
In random order.
First off she was a Great Baby who pacified herself by sucking her thumb then gave it up on her own when she turned one. Now what kid does that on her own?

Which leads to the 2nd great thing about Emily -- Fiercly independent.

3. An extremely hard worker. She's like a whirlwind when I ask her to clean up a room.

4. She is a very good Pianist and also played violin. She wanted violin lessons when she was in jr. high but I could not afford everything this talented girl wanted to learn.

5.artistic and creative.

6. great at word games
7. athletic (She even beats boys)

8. wonderful teacher
9. hiker/camper

10. Enjoys reading
11. spiritual
12. served a mission in South Korea

13. loves fish now. Who would have thought?

14. "just like a mom" That's what she used to say to Landon when he wanted mom. loving

16. positive attitude

17. sensitive
18.good friend

19. adventurous
20. smart

21. good listener like her dad
22. loves her family
23. quiet

24. Daddy's Girl

I Love you so much,


  1. Emily is the greatest sister and friend! We miss her a lot and love her so much!!! Happy Birthday Emily!!! A note I would add to #15 is that she is quite possibly the funnest person to be around- she makes EVERYTHING fun!! Even working at Teriyaki Stix- haha! :)

  2. Haha, I just saw this. You're the best mom and kate. Love ya guys!

  3. Too bad we didn't have any pictures of the three doors that she punched holes in. We could have added #25 - Housewrecker.

    Love you Em.


  4. Yeah, love you too dad. I'm glad you always keep it real. And I'm pretty sure I kicked, not punched.

  5. What a natural all around beauty!! xoxoxo