Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What makes people dishonest and rude?

Enjoying a beautiful day at the LDS church in El Dorado HIlls, California for my grandmothers 90th birthday party when some Griswold character or Dave Mathews Band Bus driver
decided to dump their potty water over the edge of the parking lot into a ravine. Unfortunatley they did not see the fire hydrant in the church parking lot, hence the instant fountain. Made for great neighborhood frolicking as well as half time entertainment, several firetrucks and police cars then came to the rescue after an hour of wasted water.
So my question is why are people so dishonest, disgusting and rude. Just go dump your waste on church property and think no one will ever notice? Sheeesh


  1. So did the perpetrator know the consequence of what they had done? Hope so!

    Love your new header. Is that a picture of your backyard?

  2. Kim,
    Not sure if the culprit was even caught. I think once he hit the fire hydrant he high tailed it out of there.
    That is a picture of our back yard after a huge rainstorm. Normally there is no water in the park.