Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Queen For A Day

My grandmother turned 90 last month.
- What an accomplishment.
To be in such great health is amazing.
My mom threw her a party, the first party Grandma has ever had. She's shy.
Grandma had so much fun which was so worth the trip to Cali.
My friend Lori lent us a robe, crown and sceptor and Anna was totally excited for her great Grandma to wear it.
Grandma not so much so -
She finally gave in to sweet Anna's pleadings and then she wore it proudly and even pointed her sceptor at her loyal followers.
Notice the 300 carat diamond ring? bling bling bling.

My grandmother never learned to drive, hence she walked everywhere and I think that has a lot to do with her good health.
I remember as a child walking downtown to the Woolworths in Fairfield, California with her and just about dying cuz she walked so fast.
She always wore a type of slipper too.
No support, no tennis shoes or old lady shoes, just wore a kind of ballet slipper. My feet hurt now and I'm 39 years younger. How did she do it?
Here we are with our matching reversible jackets. Man she was slim and trim.

She never drank or smoked even though her daddy was a moonshiner back in the day.
She married young at age 17. Here she is with Grandpa 50 years ago. She was styling.

Didn't finish high school but stayed in contact with the kids from Oroville High and attended the class reunions.
Gordon Crawford travelled all the way from Prescott, AZ to wish my granmother a happy birthday. So that means they went to school 73 years ago. WOW

My grandmother has never spoken badly or complained about anyone in her life, she's always happy to see her friends and family and with a great big hug. Oh how she loves hugs.

Not only does she give great hugs, she loves getting them. Who doesn't?

Grandson Brandon

Granddaughter Melissa

Great, great grandson Julian

I've never seen my grandmother cry or be discouraged even though she's had a tough life. She made the best of it and looked for the good. Maybe her happy attitude is what has kept her so healthy.
Not sure how she kept her eyes and ears so keen but she even hears and sees better than me.
We were in the Foster Freeze looking at the menu and I asked her if she could see the board up on the wall. "Oh sure honey, it says, BLT, Turkey, etc. I took off my glasses and couldn't read a darn thing.
When I talk to her on the phone, She never needs me to repeat my question whereas I'm constantly asking people to say things again.
At her party, she had friends and cousins in wheel chairs and there's Grandma practically dancing around.

My grandma is still talking about how much fun the day was for her to see, friends and family she hasn't seen in ages.

Thanks to my mom's church friends Sue and Roylene for cutting, cooking and serving food to over a hundred people.

Thanks to Anna for being stuffed by balloons.

Thanks to my nephew Stephen who looks after my mom and helped set the tables and carry in oodles of stuff.

Thanks to my uncle TC for setting up tables, chairs and taking great pics and just being an all around kind nice man.

Thanks to my aunt Sandi for obtaining such cool Peony flowers and putting on a happy face when dealing with the grief of her son in law passing away that very morning.

Thanks to my Mom, aunt and uncles who contributed funds for food.

And especially thanks to my mom for all her hard work in making grandmas day such a memorable and special one for her. You did good Mom. :-)

May "Marie" Countryman deLaney - Queen for a Day but my sweet grandmother forever.

"How thankful I am, how thankful we all must be,
for the women in our lives. God bless them.
May His great love distill upon them and crown them
with luster and beauty, grace and faith."
Gordon B. Hinkley


  1. what a lovely gathering for your sweet grandmother!! It sounds like it was a HUGE success! and what a beautiful place you have their in Lake in the Hills!!! and...I don't know why people are so darn rude, stupid and down right despicable...that's disgusting!!

  2. Jeanette deLaneyJune 1, 2010 at 5:05 PM

    What a beautiful tribute to an absolutely amazing woman. Everything you said about "Mom" is so true. I have never seen her lose her patience with anyone. A really great party!

  3. tami you did an awesome job on your blog. it was a great party and she had a wonderful time. your mom did do an amazing job and i love her for it. as i love you. aunt sandi

  4. I wish I could have been there at the party for my GREAT Grandma she is an amazing person and i really love the pictures you included they are so beautiful.Thank you very much for including Julian.I am happy to here that grandma felt so special on her day that is a feeling that can never be replaced.Her smile is so bright in every photo.
    Love Amanda

  5. Thank you - for so many things - she did look very happy all day long and that was worth everything

  6. What a beautiful MOM! You have good genes. The pictures were fun to see.