Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Husband is Amazing!

Indulge me while I brag, but I truly am married to the most amazing man.

Here are a few of his unique characteritcs that make him stand out from just any ole guy.
He gets up at 4:30
Reads, meditates and then goes for a run, doesn't matter the weather - he's out the door. Even when he was unemployed for 5 months he continued with this routine. (not me, I would have slept in and hung out in jammies all day)

Loves comics especially "Zits" (I think this keeps balance in his life since he's so smart)

Crossword puzzles, when Em is home they either do the daily newspaper one together or he copies it, then corrects hers in the evening.

Excellent listener who gives great advice.

Non judgemental

Sees the potential in others, not only with his family but the youth he works with at church.
Probably why he is so dedicated to his calling as Stake Young Mens President and the Youth Conference Leader.

He loves to serve. In addition to his stake callings he serves in the Chicago temple every other Wednesday. (He is so handsome in that white suit. mmmmmm)

His summer includes scout camp for a couple of days, youth conference in Ohio for 4 days, then he's riding bikes across Iowa from Nauvoo, ILL to winter quarters Nebraska, something like 300 miles.
He drives to meetings all over our stake boundaries which go to Lake Michigan and up to Wisconsin, without complaint. which leads me to another great asset.

Doesn't complain. Not even about the grumpy parents that pop up occasionaly or people at work and church - never, and especially has never complained about my cooking or lack thereof and he has had every right to on many occasions.

Thoughtful towards his mama and grandma. Pretty much remembers them on their birthdays, valentines day and mothers day. He buys and sends the presents with such kind words of appreciation.

Willing to shop for clothes for me and his daughters. He's probably bought me more dresses than I have for myself. Tell me ladies, how many of you can say that? didn't think so.

Genuniely loves little kids, especially our granddaughter, how can you not love her.

Is patient with the rest of us slow pokes on bike rides when he would rather be zipping along.

And of course the usual stuff, like he's a great father, loves me and our kids a ton, honors his priesthood, works hard,you get the picture.

Happy Birthday David. Love you lots.


  1. Lovely, lovely. Slightly jealous.

  2. Don't you ever think back to your courting days and say to yourself, "how did I make such a good decision"? I know I am not the only one who thinks "boy did I luck out in my choice"! You do have a great husband but you are also a great wife and lady!!!

  3. Yes, I agree. Although I did not know him well while you were out in AZ, I was impressed on my short visit to Chicago. He is was wonderfully accommodating and gracious, as were you! You both are the best.

  4. He is an amazing man and he married a truely amazing lady. Sorry - I try really hard not to be grumpy about anything - past or present.
    I love you, I love your fantastic amazing family who have set the bar for all of us. Just to let you know - your siblings and their offsprings admire your whole family - not just the handsome brainiac Jonathan. Mom/gr'ma Ardy