Thursday, July 22, 2010

Allred Adventures - Part 1

It's been a busy, busy time during the past few months in the Allred household.
Early morning seminary ended in May, which saddens me yet quite thrilled that I don't have to prepare lessons and get up at 5am every school day.

Not all of my students were here. A couple from the other class jumped in so it all works out.

Then my adorable granddaughter moved in with us for a week and she brought her parents as well. Isn't she sweet?

They now live in Hyde Park, 50 miles away while Jonathan works downtown. Don't get to see them as often as I would like, but take any second we can get.

A week and a half before girls camp, our camp director had to relenquish her duties due to shingles. OUCH!!! I won't even go into the chaos about getting ready for camp as the ward camp director. Love the youth, love my girls and since it was Anna's first time - why not?
I'm kind of embarrassed to call it girls camp compared to what I experienced in AZ. It's more like a girls getaway. Camp Matawa. We stayed in nice cabins with bathrooms, showers and even a kitchen.

Lots of fun activities for the girls such as tomahawk throws

Canoodeling - Only 4th yrs.

Because of the rain the first day, archery was moved indoors, here's my Maid Marrion

Horseback riding (not our girls - just gleaned it from the camp site)

Service project besides mulching the camp trails, they made baby quilts for Haiti children. (Anna is down in the corner with her hand over her face)

Anna's favorite - swimming in the pool during FREE Time

You're probably wondering why all the boy scout shirts - well the theme was super heros and we were "Wilderness Explorers" from the movie "UP" We even had grape soda cap pins as well as a couple more that matched our personalities, thanks to Hannah & Co. (I'm the cyclops in the back with the visor on - Running on fumes) These girls do not like to sleep.

Hannah is going to kill me if she sees this pic, but she doesn't read my blog only FB. I love Hannah!! She's an instant Party!!

Now my favorite part about camp was watching Molly shimmy up the Alpine tower, not once but three times. She was the ONLY girl in camp who went up more than once and the ONLY girl who chose the most difficult side to climb.

Let's just call her Spiderwoman.

Scariest climb of all. Jump out to the suspended log, then climb up top, jump to the other suspended log. She did not get nerves of steel from David or I. Just for the record.

Notice her swinging from the top - aiyyyaii yaiii!!

The thrill of accomplishment. AMAZING!!!

Hey Kylie going up? The view is awesome!!

Thus ends part 1 Adventures for the Allreds
(Thanks to Kelly Sadowski for letting me use her superduper camera)



    i want to go to girl get away!

    adorable pictures and about your comment on my blog- that is awesome that Pa Allred gets to work there! I may start working there, now that I'll probably be in utah for awhile :)

    ALSO i move in with em today! LOVE YOU!

  2. I'd choose a getaway over camp any day. You were really busy!

  3. Oh, my word. It looks like a country club camp compared to ours? But, what fun! Great pics (you must be exhausted.)