Friday, September 3, 2010

Is this why it's in the dollar store?

My baby girl turned 12 back in July and she celebrated with her friends. We bought a bunch of neon glow in the dark gadgets and then these cute decorations to adorn our dining room. So it took her 10 yr. old friend to point out to me that they misspelled Birthday. What is this world coming to?

After 24 yrs of having a kid in primary - I'm officially DONE!!! Not that it was a bad thing, it was great. My children have had wonderful teachers and leaders but it's time to move on. So yeah my baby is in Young women's now at church. Hard to believe.
She's a sensitive, sweet and lovie child, oh yeah, she's not a baby or a child anymore. She loves her family and shows it quite openly. She just has a big heart. I love how she enjoys the piano so much when I don't even know a C minor from a B. I'm truly blessed to have her in my life.

Looks like her friend Alyse is smoking. hahha


  1. I am incredibly entertained by that birthday sign. And also heartbroken. But in an entertained way.

    I can't believe how grown up she is!

  2. enjoy your darling girl, you know how quickly they are grown up and gone and EMPTY NESTING ISN'T ALL IT'S CRACKED UP TO BE!!!

    WISH I HAD GOTTEN ME ONE...of those B.D. banners...I saw them but didn't notice the misspell...probably b/c it was folded up and didn't show it :)

  3. So funny. My granddaugther found a shirt at Target that she wanted. It had the alphabet on it and the letter "o" was left out. I think it comes from outsourcing everything to other countries.

  4. tooo funny! Happy Bday A!!!