Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You Thought Square Dancing Was For Old People?

We took a gamble on our Youth Conference Dance and hired an authentic Square Dance Caller - Frank from Cleveland.

Not sure how it was going to fly with these hipsters but the ones who jumped in had a great time.

Namely Miss Molly. I just really love this pic of her. Makes me happy :-) she's so happy.

(For my friends in Az. Doesn't she look like Haley Woolf?, Carrie has always reminded me of Haley with that angelic face.)

In our home she's affectionately called Lindey Lou.

Good thing we have such adventurous, positive youth, who trusted us they'd have a good time.
They were good sports to try something old fashioned.
Of course their ipods came out after an hour and Molly learned how to be a DJ with help from Frank, Taylor, Sammy and Carrie.

Callers are old but square dancers can be young and still have FUN!!YEEEHAWWW


  1. Kids always love square dancing. I am always amazed at how much fun they have doing it! Looks like fun!

  2. Hey! I DO still read your blog, I promise! I didn't desert you, I swear! I've just been really really bad at commenting on anything these days. Life gets hard, you know? Anyway, I'm back, and I promise to comment more.