Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You Never Know Who You're Going to Run Into?

My brother came to visit his new girlfriend who happens to live 4 hours north of us so we met in the middle at Madison, Wisconsin.

What a fun town.

I had no idea.
It just so happened to be the day before the ASU sun devils were playing those pesky badgers.
My brother, his gal pal and I walked to this cool lake which is near the UoW campus.
Lil brother asked a young man that was standing on the pier if he knew what the name of the lake was.
stranger - "no just visiting"
I noticed he was wearing an ASU baseball cap so I had to mention,
"Hey my son goes there and we used to live in Mesa"
stranger -"Oh really where at?"
Me -" McKellips and Lindsey"
stranger - "I went to H.S. on Lindsey."
Me "Did you go to Mt. View?"
stranger -"Yeah graduated 2004"
Me -"My daughter graduated that year. Do you know her? Emily Allred?. My son Jonathan graduated the year before."

Stranger - "no, I was on cross country and track my senior year."
Me- "So were my kids, are you sure you don't them? So you know Coach Sawyer? What's your name?
Sheldon - " Yea I know Sawyer but don't know your kids, maybe my younger sister knows them."
Then I start thinking, hey why is he still in college if he graduated in 04
Me- "Are you LDS?"
Sheldon - "yea" looking at me strangely "served in Canada"
Me -As I show him my CTR ring (like it's some type of secret agent code ring or something)
"I'm LDS too. What brings you out here?"

Sheldon - "Every year we pick a road game to support our Sun devils and this year it was Madison."

He couldn't have picked a better weekend!!

Walked State Street and found a brat place for lunch along with a boatload of maroon and gold old people. (haha I'm not old)
I love my brother and his girlfriend seems just right for him. So great to see him, when he lives so far away.

(sorry I don't have a pic of Sheldon - that would have just been creepy, Molly already told me I'm weird for talking to strangers)


  1. I love that fact that you can talk so openly to strangers. How else are we going to know that they are not strangers.

    I love all five of my kids with all my heart but especially when they express love for each other

  2. Brad is in a Bishopric at ASU. What ward is your son in?

  3. That is just crazy! Those Mormons are everywhere!