Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Youth Conference -Some of my favorite people and pics

These pics are long overdue.
I've poured over a thousand pictures from 3 different photographers.
I wanted to capture the wonderful energy, excitement and enthusiasm that not only myself but so many others felt during the this three day excursion.
It was extremely hard and difficult too pull it off but oh so worth it.
Trying to organize 200+ plus people with food,fun and spiritual settings was daunting and overwhelming to me, luckily I got to work with my husband who is the epitome of patience,organization and vision.
He as well as so many, many others spent countless hours on this conference so that the lives of our wonderful youth would be enriched.
Mission accomplished!

Games on the first HOT day - Thank You Hiram College for letting us use your indoor gym!

David and Pres. Labrum during opening session with Karl Anderson

Pres. Nuttall He makes it all come together.
(the man who pushed me to the limit. -After an exhuasting 2nd day
"Tami Order 50 pizzas on the way home and find some place in South Bend Indiana for the buses to stop."
Good thing my hub was there to say "we'll do it" cuz I was pretty much fried by then. We got er done. Thank goodness for smart phones.

Our Stake Pres. - Ron Labrum - A great teacher and leader

Colin - One dedicated Helpful Youth Leader

Taylor - The girl who never stops smiling.


Hunter, Spencer, Parker,John, D.J., Ben



Molly and Kayla


Sister Taylor squared

hahhaha -Gina Taylor and Stacey Taylor - no relation



Bro. Jeremy Price (My favorite young mens leader in the stake)


Molly's favorite red and yellow home. - Newel and Anne Whitney home.



We wore them out, but Sis. Washburn, Maddie and Demarie took advantage of some down time.

John Johnson Barn - Love those flowers

Cook Sisters

Maddie talking on her capri sun

Sis. Labrum one of our food specialists

Marta - Backup queen

Everyone loves Pres. Nuttall
- Thanks for making Youth Conference happen.

Joseph Smith portrayed by Brik Eyre in the quarry - My personal favorite place to be.

Feeding the animals at Hiram Farms

Donkeys keep the coyotes away from the other farm animals. Who would have known?

Molly & Kayla very proud of their barrel of weeds.

Service Project - The only pic with Molly,David and I plus Kind Kayla

Games on the LAST Day

Going Home - 4 Buses -178 youth 44 adult leaders - What a Great Youth Conference

Bus Break with girls from my ward

Bus Break with boys from my ward


  1. Brik Eyre? There was a bro brik eyre in my ward in CA... except he wore glasses (but has dark hair) and has like 5 kids (maybe more now).. Think it's the same guy?