Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway

Decided to listen to a classic since I'm in the car so much running kids around these days. I chose this book since Senator John McCain and President Barack Obama both listed this as one of their all time favorites or most influential. Can't say it's my favorite maybe you have to be a guy to appreciate this war stuff.

I will admit that Hemingway tells a good tale with great dialogue.
Spanish Civil war during 1938. Lets be honest who cares.
I know, I know, I love history but this 3 day episode of getting some gypsies to help blow up a bridge, knowing full well you will probably die in the process. Love story thrown in there and the revolt against fascism, which I still don't understand. ughhh politics - so confusing to me.

Usually when I read a historical fiction book, I'm inspired to learn more about what actually took place, nope not this time. I'm wondering what am I'm missing?

Why was this book so popular? They even made a movie starring Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman which was nominated for a fistful of academy awards back in 43.

Still not interested. I should have asked my friend Leslie about her opinion on this movie since she's quite knowledgeable of the classics and I should have asked Kim her take on the politics since that's her field of work.... I'll just wait for their comments, because I'm lazy like that.

Something that was a bit odd concerning the main character, Robert Jordan.
He sounds just like Hemingway and oddly enough suicide is a theme I noticed and I think it was around 20 years after he wrote this book that Ernest killed himself. Very tragic and sad.
So have you read this one? Like or dislike?
So that's my classic reading/listening for the year, onto something fun like Lighting Thief


  1. Never read it. I bet McCain and Obama just say they love it because it's the kind of book they're "supposed" to love. :)

    Just because it's classic doesn't mean you have to like it! I disliked a lot of my professors' faves in school.

  2. I read this waaaay back in high school in my American Literature class and the only thing I remember is that I didn't like it. I'm not a fan of Hemingway--he was a cynic and a big pain (in my ever so humble opinion).

    After taking American Lit and reading such uplifting stories such as For the Whom the Bell Tolls, Grapes of Wrath, and All the Kings Men I knew that I much preferred English literature.

  3. thanks for the info...I'LL NOT BE READING IT!! but I may watch it on TCM with Jim...we have been watching alot of old movies the last few months and I LOVE THEM...just wish I could remember some of their names so I could recommend them :)

  4. Thanks for the book review. I listen to books all the time. I love it. It has gotten me through many mundane tasks as well as hundreds of miles of errands. I just got Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" Should be really good. Right now I'm finishing up "Mindless Eating". I've learned a lot.

  5. I never saw the movie because I know Hemingway is depressing, so I figured it would be a sad movie. I stay away from anything by Hemingway.